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Silver Optical Telescope Lens With a Clamp



Ozone  Silver Optical Telescope Lens With a Clamp

Color: Silver
Material: Rubber /Resin

Product Number: LENS-UNV-14-S

Portable palm size mini optical telescope lens makes you become a better photographer Long vision and high resolution telephoto lens, perfectly overcomes the shortage that your phone camera can only take near-sighted pictures Easy for carrying and simple operation. Lightweight and comes with a ultra-strong clip to fasten the lens with phone camera High-definition photography experience. Perfect for watching football match, basketball game, concert, wild life and scenery Operation: 1. Clamp the clip on your phone, making sure to line up the lens connector with the phone camera. 2. Connect the lens with the clip, you will need to press the clip so that it will not slide off. 3. Turn on the camera of your phone, slightly adjust if the image is not clear 4. Fine-tune the focus by adjusting the focal ring to gain good image, you should press on the clip to keep it fasten. 5. Slightly move and adjust the clip to the same direction if there are black corners in the picture. For example, move down slightly if the black corners are on the bottom of the picture and move up if they are on the top. Note that the Lens will not fit for double camera on the back of phone Specifications: Brand: Ozone Shell Material: Rubber and Plastic Lens: Optical Lens Color: Silver Magnification: 18X Compatible with: Compatible with almost all the cell phones and tablets including iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone XR, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, iPad mini 2 3 4 air, OnePlus, HTC, Huawei Package Includes: 1x Universal Lens Kit with Clamps

The Silver Optical Telescope Lens With a Clamp in Covers and Protectors is manufactured by Ozone

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