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With a few simple steps, ALMALL helped me start my online business

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Why Sell on ALMALL?

There are millions of clients across the GCC

We offer quick and hassle-free shipping

There are no fixed costs. Only pay when you sell

All payments are made in a timely manner and are fully secured.

We provide professional guidance and services to walk you through the entire process of selling online

How ALMALL helps your business grow?

Set Up Your Store

Use our user-friendly listing tool to set up your store on almall.com, and immediately start selling digitally to users from the GCC and globally

We'll Take It From Here

We handle all shipping and delivery so that you have enough time to improve your business strategy

No-Stress Payments

We only deduct our fees once you've made a successful sale, and we ensure your payments are made in a timely manner

Sell World-Wide

ALMALL offers you a platform to sell products globally from anywhere in the GCC

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Selling on ALMALL is easy

It only takes minutes to activate your business. Simply provide your bank details and tax information, and you’ll be selling online in no time.

Set Up Your Store on ALMALL

Once you use our user-friendly tools to register/list your items on almall.com, you will receive an approval (usually within the same day). The approval verifies your account and confirms your store setup.You are then able to promote your products using the ALMALL Sponsored Products service. You’ll benefit from free impressions for your offers and only pay when your ads are clicked.

Open for Business: Receive Orders

Once your store is live, your products are instantly put on display for over 50,000 potential customers. You’ll have immediate access to our order management dashboard where you can view and manage incoming orders as they are placed in real time.

ALMALL delivers your orders

Your account is automatically enabled with ALMALL Shipment. This means that we collect ordered items from you and deliver them directly to clients. Our shipment offers a fast, no-stress, premium experience for your customers. We also provide you with the option to upgrade to FBS (Fulfilment by ALMALL) wherein you can store inventory in our fulfilmentcentres and we will collect and ship products directly on your behalf.

Receive payment from ALMALL

When a client makes payment, the amount is deposited directly into your bank account on a monthly basis. Our fees are deducted only after the sale is made and we make sure you receive payments in a timely manner.

Grow your business

We also offer customized recommendations to help boost your sales, and, your personalized performance dashboard offers customized reports to help you keep track of performance. In addition to that, you will have 24/7 access to our help and support for immediate help on all queries.

What are the fees?

Commission: Percentage % of the overall sales


Transaction Fee: Per transaction
(per order)

Taking care of business (for you)

We collect and ship your products

Your account on ALMALL already comes powered with ALMALL Easy Ship -- an all-around delivery service for sellers. All we need from you is to pack and ready your products. We’ll take care of the logistics and customer service:

  • We collect items from your doorstep
  • Communicate with buyers and handle all returns
  • Offer clients our Cash On Delivery (COD) payment method

Add the power of Fulfilment from ALMALL

FBS is a service that allows you access to our premium storage and fulfilment facilities, quick (and free) delivery options, plus; trusted customer service. Once you send your products to the ALMALL fulfilment centre, we’ll store your inventory, pick, pack and ship all placed orders across the GCC to your customers.

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Why upgrade to our FBS Service?

No Storage Stress

Not only do we store your items at our fulfillment centers, we also handle shipping them to your clients so that you can focus on how to expand your business.

Fast Delivery

With FBS, your products are dealt with lightning-fast delivery – guaranteed to keep your customers coming back to you.

Build Customer Trust

As an upgraded FBS client, you also get ALMALL’s fulfilled tag for your product. This promotes buyer-trust and increases buyer recognition.

New to Selling on ALMALL

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Frequently Asked Questions


Sell on ALMALL is a platform that allows you to list products for saledigitally, on almall.com.
Selling on almall.com is easy. All you have to do is list the products you wish to sell on almall.com’s marketplace. Your products are then showcased to customers. Once a purchase is made, you will be notified to ship the product. We then collect the product, deliver to the customer, and confirm shipment. Or let ALMALL fulfill the order for you through FBS. ALMALL will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting our fees.
You can sell items in the following categories:
  • Clothes (women, men & kids)
  • Beauty
  • Jewellery
  • Luggage
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Watches

(Someitems may be restricted and you will need approval before you can start selling them on almall.com.)

To register on almall.com, you’ll need:
  • Your company details (license)
  • Your contact details - email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business
  • Your Bank details

Please click here to begin the registration process.

You donot need a website to start selling on almall.com’s marketplace. Once you register, you will be taken to the seller platform where you will be able to use tools that facilitate listing all your products on Almall.
ALMALL’s first market is the GCC, but new countries are added regularly and no limit is expected.
We will clearly indicate the brands names on our product detail pages and offer listing pages. ALMALL does not provide the seller’s details on the website.

Fees and Charges

You are only charged when an order is placed for a product you have listed. Listing on almall.com however is free. Please click Pricing for more information.
You’ll be able to cancel your subscription at any time.
ALMALL will wire payments to your bank account on a monthly basis. You will be eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is confirmed as shipped.

Managing your Account

We provide a thorough walk-through to help you list your products once you have completed the registration. You’ll be able to use our simple tools to list items one at a time through your account panel. The necessary procedure and information needed may vary depending on whether your products are already in the almall.com catalogue.
You can view and manage orders using our “Manage Order” tool within the seller account (you will have access to https://mall.sayidaty.net/partner/ after your complete registration). If you are using Fulfilment by ALMALL, your orders will be fulfilled and shipped by ALMALL. If you are using Standard Shipment, you can pack your orders and schedule pickup for our team through your Seller account.
Yes. ALMALL helps you protect against all suspicious, fraudulent orders that are placed on your products. We also provide a strong protection on payment fraud.
If you are not currently selling on almall.com and want to learn more, you call us on +97143757147 and provide your details. We will respond to you after reviewing your information to help you proceed. You’ll also be able to contact support directly after you complete your registration.
We will provide you with product and image guidelines shortly after you complete your registration.
All orders are received to our hub in Dubai and are packaged with ALMALL’s branded packaging before being sent to the customer.




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