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عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل
عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل


بربري عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل


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حجم العبوة: 90 مل
عطر: آو دو تواليت

رقم المنتج: 5045415436919

As pair to this year's edition for men Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men, Burberry is presenting edition for women signed by perfumers of the house of Givaudan Nathalie Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu. The new fragrances introduce „aromatic and fresh English lavender from Kent that plays key role in the composition, while orange and iris add a dose of sensuality ".This is the first fragrance by Burberry that has lavender as central note that plays the main role in the composition. English lavender is much more aromatic that the French lavender and its shades in this composition are more prominent. Creator's and perfumer’s wish was to use the typical ingredient arriving from England – as pointed out by Nathalie Cetto. She also adds that the new Burberry perfume has a fundamental paradox in its essence – confrontation of spicy ingredients such as pink pepper and floral notes of Petalia playing till the base notes. Scent of peony evokes youth and is somewhat lighter that the scent of rose and the effect of the new Givaudan molecule provides the feeling that you are in a cloud of peony petals!Top notes of the new fragrance await us with English lavender, pink pepper and neroli, taking us to the heart of orris absolute, blackberry leaves and orange blossom combined with specially patented molecule of the house of Givaudan named Petalia carrying the scent of peony accords. The base incorporates vetiver, musk and vibrant wood. The fragrance is expected on the market from January 28th 2014 and will be available in all official Burberry stores. It will premiere on January 3rd 2014 at Sephora in Paris (Avenue des Champs-Élysées), while the London premiere will be held on January 23rd 2014 in Selfridges.Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women arrives as 30, 50 and 90 ml EDT. The offer will also include 150ml body lotion, 50ml hair scent, 150ml body bath and 100ml deodorant.Just like the version for men Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men the fragrance for women is closely connected with music and acoustic performance – explains Christopher Bailey. Like previous perfumes of Burberry collection, the new fragrance for women features DNA of the brand and follows the style of the house. He adds: "Rhythm for Women has the aim to capture emotion, excitement and attitude that live music provides. That is truly a kind of adrenaline that you get from the music..." Fluid color of the new perfume is soft pink and contains powdery softness and sensibility.This fragrance will also be promoted and accompanied by fashion line Burberry that will be launched additionally. It will include a special collection of leather jackets and smoky-eyes make-up worn by Suki Waterhouse in provocative video ad and black and white advertising campaign that announces new editions. Bailey points out that from now on clothes, purses and nail polish will be created to be wearable together, thanks to new division in the house of Burberry. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women was created by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu.

عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل في عطور عالمية مصنوع من بربري

اشتر عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل بافضل سعر في السعودية

تسوق على الانترنت عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل واستلمه في السعودية

اشتر عطر نسائي بريت ريثم آو دي تواليت من بربري - 90 مل في السعودية ب 126.79 ر.س

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